Cat Therapy

UPDATE: So the entire first printing completely sold out! It’s even scarier that it did that with no publisher, distributor or representation other than in stores I work at. I funded a second run of the book with the money I saved up and have been trying to find ways to get it out there to more people. It still makes me excited and it’s hard not to tear up a bit when someone emails me about how much they loved the book. Thank you everyone! It’s available through my store, my etsy, Criminal Records in Atlanta, and hopefully more places soon. If you know of a store or a distro who would like to carry it please send me their info and I’ll try my hardest to get it out there.

When I was going through one of the hardest times in my life the only thing that made me happy was my cat. During my hospitalization and treatment I tried to cheer up the other people around me by drawing them cats doing silly thing. A handful of drawings for friends quickly turned into an all consuming project. Since so many people wanted their own cat drawings and there was no way for me to keep up with the demand I decided to make a book and kickstart it.

That got a little out of hand too. The response was overwhelming. Instead of printing 100 books like I expected it turned into 500 and the shipping took way too long (I’m still sorry everyone).

The love I got back has been amazing. People have been sending me stories and pictures from around the world of the people who received the books and their cats. I still tear up every time I get a new email with someone telling me how happy it’s made them.

Thank all of you (Dot says thank you too). If you have more pictures I haven’t posted or that haven’t gotten to me please email them to me at and I’ll post them here.

Here are all the wonderful people that helped me make this book. Thank you all! I’m still at a loss for how to express how much your support means to me.

Christopher Signore, Steve Desmond, Vivian Greene, Andrea Strang, Jen Grassler, Mark Leachman, Le Vuong, Bethany Sumner, Kenneth Johnson, Not Steven, Fiona and Jessop, Jacquelyn de la Torre, Jacob Clark, Mark Cason, Bryan “Beege” Berry, Professor Vincent Tenebrae Ph.D, Amanda Brooks, Jelle van Dijk, David Farmer, Kerrie Marshall, Jason Fraser, Alex Ross Shaw, Barrett Smith, Kat Nicholson, Mariëlle Brandt, Michael Paschetag, Jared Evans, The Marland Family, Emese Felvegi, Josh Evans, Joe Grabowski, Janice Lau, David Miller, Paul Friedman, Barbara Nock, TKAppleton, Laurie MacDougall, Eric Topasna, Rebecca Henry, Mirandia Berthold, Michael J Graham, Ian Webber,Brian Neal, Connie Taylor, Godewijn, Marcel Schoen, Rasmus Jamting, Maria Ligne, Jeff Gilbert, Nova C, Jacqueline Skelton, Kait Bertrand, Barry Mitchell, Anna Pargas, Laura Geiger, Jenn Strohschien, Rahul Manelkar, Nicholas Pratley, Erin Foster, Khaled Alkhunaifer, Valerie Reiss, Matias Vuorinen, Bobby Kirby, Gemma Johnson, Victoria Harold, Meg Sussman, Carsten D, Paula Schneider, Scott Brown, Tom, David Gross, Stefan Guhl, Mette Markert, Ciara O’Connell, Johan Fogelström, Angela Auer, Maggie Young, Adam Gunnarsson, FH, Lesley Jones, Amy Ho, Dawn Oshima, Capn’ Frank, Benedict Khoo, Mark Hirschman, Marlena Harris, Bo Siripornpitak, Natalie Benedykt, Megan Hungerford, Shane Giraldo, Jordan Duletzke, Stephen Dann, Duane Adams, Marco E. De Los Santos, Michael R Brown, Samuel Klein, Anthony Andres, Iso, Malachy Gavin, David, Katie Goodwin, Tom Dawson, Diana, Ivan Karpan, Kiri Horsey, Bill Gimbel, Martha Hull, Mary Jane Hawthorne-Pinson, Marcel Smith, Faye Sevilla Smith, Antra Celmins, Stevel Mentzel, David Dale, Steve Wales, Derek Curtis-Tilton, Molly Celaschi, Linda Hill, Joyce Irby and Lucky, Benito M Vann, Arthur Johnson, Ethel Manibo, Victoria Parisi, Julia Benson-Slaughter, Matt Gilgenbach, Sam Spina, Seiler Hagan, Patricia B, Jennifer DeBruler, Clinton Dempsey, M Stevens, Marci Skiff, Shelly Poole, Quek Jiajin, Mike S, Gustav Wedholm, Emma Morrison, Damien, Mercy, Faye D, Michelle Trimble, Rohan Graetz, Lynette Redfern, Sean Knowles, Andrea Strang, Rachel Flanagan, Joe Davies, Louis Frey, Michelle Shimizu, Heather Fiore, Rusty Rowley, Thomas Fenstermacher, Megan Fox, John M Wright, Sara Sestak, Joe Mochove, Elizabeth McNew, Tara Semter, Megan Hayes-Golding